HP N40L Microserver Project

I have purchased a HP N40L Mircoserver with the intent of turning it into a NAS / Router / AP for my home. I have long wanted a NAS for my home but have found the prices of even the low end systems too expensive. I have looked at QNAP, Netgear and Drobo systems and whilst they are all good in their own way they are too expensive (overpriced in my opinion). The HP N40L came on the radar due to HP offering £100 cashback on the server making the system £130 (after the cashback). The N40L fulfilled the criteria of what I required for a home server:

Luckily the N40L fulfilled my criteria and had one more advantage over an off the shelf NAS system, it gave me something to do.

Project Cost

Where I can I'll try and hunt out a bargain but unfortunately I'm going to have to spend some money. Below is the running bill for the project:

ItemPurchased FromCost
HP N40L MicroServer
£100 CashbackHP Cashback Offer-£100
Apple AirPort Extreme Card- 802.11N -AR5BXB72-For Macbook/MAC£18.62
Mini PCI-E to PCI-E Wireless Adapter w/ 3 Antennas£8.95
3x NET-WL-ANT58-05ORD (5db 5GHz ReSMA Rubber Duck antenna)£13.64

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